GDC 2008 Mobile

 I will be attending GDC 2008 Mobile this year and giving a presentation on "Why Location Matters". I wanted to encapsulated all the challenges and opportunities that adding location into your mobile application can bring. Abstract

Session Description This lecture addresses how location impacts a mobile application and how developers can leverage location technologies to improve the user experience. When our industry addresses location in a mobile context all too often we address the “HOW” of this technology rather than focusing on the impact of location in a mobile user’s experience. Technological advancements such as A-GPS (Assisted Global Position System) or WiFi-centric location are driving new application development, yet fail to address the larger concern of a user’s needs and desires when using an application.

Idea Takeaway Audience will learn about the various types of location information available in today’s wireless carrier networks and how best to apply them to create the ultimate user experience in a mobile entertainment application.

Intended Audience Advanced mobile game developers and programmers, mobile game publishers, content & entertainment managers, and game producers.

I look forward to seeing you at the presentation.