MobileMonday Opens the 71st Chapter in Calgary

The global MobileMonday group officially gave the blessing to establish the 71st Chapter of MobileMonday for Southern Alberta as of lastWednesday night. To kick things off we opened a Ning website to handle all the details about the organization. You can get to the site via The site provides a great way to network with other members of the mobile community and to find out more information about the upcoming events.

Second, our first event is JAN 12, 2009 at Kits at 6pm. View Larger Map

We will be running the event in the basement and it makes for a great venue location.

And finally, I'm sure you are all excited that I will be making a presentation at the meeting. I haven't finalized a topic yet but I'm waffling between doing an Android demonstration or presenting one of our new applications (probably Snocator). If you have any recommendations or suggestions let me know.

See you Jan 12.