Over the years I've had some free time to develop my own apps and hone my skills as an Android developer. Here is a small listing of the apps I've built.


Little Weather App

Little Weather App is my approach at designing a simple and clean weather app. It is based upon the weather API  and is the first of my apps to feature advertising.



Market is a complete Android / Google App Engine application built from scratch using some of the latest tools and techniques. Designed around an on going problem in my household, Market is a simple grocery list application that lets you select from a fixed list of grocery items eliminating the need to type in items manually. The Android application was built using RX Java, Dagger and a host of other best-practice tools and libraries. The approach was to design an application which leveraged heavily upon background processes to ensure the seamless synchronization across multiple devices



Mostly from frustration with the existing WeMo application from Belkin, I redesigned the WeMo interface using the API from Belkin. WeMoWay is a prototype application to control and manage WeMo devices within a local network. 


ABC & 123 Toddler Flashcards

I wanted to build an application for my daughter to help her learn the basics of language and numbers. It was popular enough within the family and friends group that I released it out to a general public. I also included a French set of cards available through an in-app purchase.