Research and Innovation

Understanding new innovations is a key part of understanding the impact of technology will have on businesses, and it's a great way to practice technical skills. I try to dedicate 20% of my time to advancements and it has been both challenging and rewarding


Lane and Auto Identification for Self-Driving Cars

As part of the Udacity Self-Driving Car program, I developed a lane and obstacle finding algorithm using only the front facing camera. Based on an machine learning model, the algorithm can identify vehicles and lane markings in a variety of situations. You can see the other videos from the course from the YouTube channel below.



Road Matching Algorithm. 

Taking some of the work from my Geomatics engineering program, I helped a local company implement a map-matching algorithm that allowed noisy GPS data be filtered to existing road networks. 


3D Map Clustering

Using a quadtree algorithm, I helped generate a map clustering algorithm that took into consideration not only the relative location of the map points but the viewing angles of the observer. This allowed the company to implement the clustering from a birds eye view making the navigation mode much more intuitive


AI Facial Recognition

Not all technologies need to push to bounds of research. This web app demo uses facial recognition to map your facial pattern to an emoji. From the AI course material at Udacity.