ruby on rails Introduction


Are you tackling a Rails project or want to get started? Do you have existing application that needs maintenance? Are your people effectively using the platform? This course is designed to ramp a development team up to the stage where they can build, maintain and architect with the Rails platform. 

This course is tailored to work with your existing platform or project. Course work will be designed to build a solution that is practical and related to corporate goals. This course will not only to build competence with the development team but also help build, architect and maintain a platform to be used by the company. 

Covers Rails 4 and 5. 

DATA ANalysis and reporting

The goal of this course is to understand data loading, transformations and reporting from a large scale data perspective. The course will be broken into two sessions; the first session will handle creating a data warehouse and connecting BI tools to it. The second session involves building custom tools to extract value from the warehouse.

By the end, the student should have a good grasp of how to collect, store and extract data from a variety of sources and display it in a manner that provides value to both customers and business.

Advanced Mobile Development for Product Owners and management

Understand how mobile development happens and where the pitfalls lie in creating the software. Where can you shortcut development and how will you manage future fixes and releases.