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Data Analysis and Reporting Course


Data Analysis and Reporting Course

The goal of this course is to understand data loading, transformations and reporting from a large scale data perspective. The course will be broken into two sessions; the first session will handle creating a data warehouse and connecting BI tools to it. The second session involves building custom tools to extract value from the warehouse.

By the end, the student should have a good grasp of how to collect, store and extract data from a variety of sources and display it in a manner that provides value to both customers and business.

The course will make use of open-source tools from JasperSoft, cloud providers AWS and Microsoft and integrate with commercial providers Tableau and PowerBI.

Session 1 - Data Handling and Reporting Course sessions;

Using Python for data transformations and loading

Understanding Search with ElasticSearch

Creating and managing a data warehouse

Creating a Dashboard

Reporting tools

On-demand report generation, connecting with PowerBI, Tableau and QuickSight


Following the course from EdX ( and Udacity ( )


Understanding ElasticSearch vs DB queries

Integration into Rails with search gem

Data Warehousing

Warehouse requirements

Building warehouse with AWS Redshift

Understanding Data Streams and Processing

Internal BI Reporting

Connecting to JasperSoft

Internal report queries and generation

Resources Foundations for ML and Data Science

Session 2 - Design a BI project

Software Architecture and Design

Understand how to architect how to build, solid and sustainable code

Conduct a design session to gather enough requirements from business and client needs

Documenting software architecture

Planning software development

Designing the dashboard project

Architecture and Data flows

Dashboarding tools with D3js and Visualize.js

Building out the dashboard

Creating the widgets

Creating ad-hoc reports

Rolling out the dashboard into production

Understanding devops requirements

CI and testing tools

Monitoring and reacting to changes

Understanding user actions through Analytics

Resources Software Architecture and Design